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Kajin Entertainment (tm)

I have been writing for more than 35 years.  This is only the beginning to my 'vault'.  


Tempe 1998 (dot com) (tm)

I hope this to be the first project brought to you by Kajin Entertainment (tm).  Twenty years in the making, and this film will have it all - well, no murder or explosions (sorry!).



Tempe TSI, Inc.

Tempe Telephone Services, Inc. will be a TV series.  Based in Tempe; off my 30 years in telephone call centers.  From Sales, Customer Service, Collections, and much much more!  We all have a million telephone stories.  Order Processing.  Reservations.  Utility companies.  Overseas call centers. Etc.  For more info, please go to --  


More projects from Kajin

The Plan, The Movie

The Plan is the name, and theft is the game.  Twenty years to plan this caper!

This movie is an action packed theft thriller.  It took 20 years to plan!   For more info on this project, please go to --  www.theplanthemovie.blogspot.com

Bobby Koenig


This project will rival Harry Potter in terms of revenue and popularity.  I can not disclose details without a NDA.  For more info, go to  --  www.bobbykoenig.blogspot.com

Jesus vs. Lucifer


End Of Days comes to mind.  The opening scene is like - WOW!  Please visit --- www.jesusvslucifer.blogspot.com



Glee, Drumline - now Fanfare!  A TV series that features a jazz band where the horns will blow you out of your seat!  They might be discovered by AGT?  I have already built their playlist!  For more info go to --  www.fanfarethetvshow.blogspot.com



Written in 1989, a take off of the immortal Caddyshack.  Instead of golf, we are talking goose hunting on the Missouri River in Sully County, SD.  For more info, go to --  www.gooseshack.blogspot.com 

Ki West


Got change for a kilo?  Based on a true story of an Army Ranger who claimed to be the unofficial mayor of Key West, back in the day.  Money, drugs and more!  More can be found at --www.kiwestthemovie.blogspot.com

and much, much more!

The Funeral, The Movie


A very famous writer looking for another blockbuster stages his own death to bring attention to possibly his greatest and final project after many years since his last hit.  The ending will shock his fans!  www.thefuneralthemovie.blogspot.com

Look Sharp!


A romance.  Maybe a period love story featuring the music of Roxette?  The opening scene will dazzle!  www.looksharpthemovie.com

Brian Helgeland dot com


Brian - I need your help please!  You are my idol!  www.brianhelgeland.com

The 414, The Movie


414 S Walts Ave that is. I have so many writing projects in mind. I never thought I would delve into the world of horror. I live in a big old house, built in 1904. As I look around the neighborhood, there are many lights, windows, doors - many people I have never met. What goes on is beyond me. Then I got to thinking, what a great set this would make for a horror film. Where one home owner takes control of about eight different homes on the block. They are all on camera and miked for sound. Their phone lines and internet are blocked from communicating with the outside world. They can not leave their property. Some are terrorized. Some are murdered - you get the picture. Maybe they figure out how to communicate somehow with each other - thus gaining their freedom. This could be fun!

Pettigrew Heights.  Homes built over 100 years ago.  Go into the history of them and the city of Sioux Falls.  You have eight homes, four on each side of the street, on one block.  One person owns

them all, but under different, highly hidden corporate entities.  Let the games begin.  Tunnels, cameras, 

he controls them all and plays the biggest mind games since Saw and Seven.  The 414, the movie.    www.the414themovie.blogspot.com

The Perfect City, The Movie


Somewhere in SD, a perfect city is built.  No crime.  Self sustaining.  Everyone's life is quite rich and perfect in nature.  But then, someone gets greedy.  And so does another.  Will it never end...  greed?

https://www.citi.io/2015/04/29/ten-things-for-the-perfect-city/. ---   www.theperfectcitythemovie.blogspot.com

More to come!


I need to dig through some more boxes for more stuff!  I would also like to promote newbies into the industry, which is obviously very difficult to enter.  Just trying to pay it forward!